Intro to 7 Secrets (REPLAY):

A Teen Girl's Guide to
Knowing Her "Type"

If your daughter missed the Intro to 7 Secrets Masterclass, now is her chance to watch the REPLAY where she'll learn:

  • the 3 types of girls based on their choices when it comes to love, sex, and relationships (and which type best describes her right now),
  • the 3 types of guys to choose from (and which type she's most likely to fall for),
  • and how her "types" set the tone for every relationship she has going forward.

Check out what the girls and moms who attended
"Intro to 7 Secrets" LIVE had to say:

"Thank you for showing us we're worth more. I love learning from you." ~Teen Girl

"Thank you so much, Ms. Jackie! This session was very informative and DOES give me confirmation about not settling for a guy who doesn't deserve me!" ~Teen Girl

"Thank you very much and thank you for telling us everything we should know about guys.
I really appreciate you Ms. Jackie." ~Teen Girl

"Tonight was awesome. Signing up for the next series, so glad to witness you
as a mom walk in your calling with my daughter Ms. Jackie Brewton...
we love you...and yes, I'd love one for my 15-year-old son too..." ~Mom

"I registered my daughter for the initial class. She was not thrilled about it at all.
But she really enjoyed it. I saw her engaging and laughing with the other girls.
I will be signing her up for the [next] class." ~Mom

"I wish all parents were required to attend and have their children attend a class just like yours! 
We are looking forward to the upcoming classes!" ~Mom

And that's just a taste of  what's in store for your daughter when you register her for my next Masterclass, 7 Secrets Revealed, April 27th - May 21st.

Featuring 8, one-hour LIVE sessions that will transform the way she values herself, views relationships and chooses dates; this is the Masterclass you don't want her to miss!


Why Jackie?

Jackie Brewton is a highly sought-after author, youth speaker and teen relationship expert who delivers keynotes before large assemblies of thousands and presentations in classrooms of thirty each year.

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