Graduation Gift Pack

Wondering what to get for all of those high school graduates you’ll be receiving invitations from? Well, what better choice than a gift that will benefit the high school graduate for life? 

The College-Prep Curriculum for the Heart

Just because the young ladies in your life are graduating, doesn’t mean they have to stop learning. 

There are things they especially need to know before they embark on the next leg of their journey toward adulthood via college.  

7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You and The Sex Talk Every Teen Girl Needs to Hear will help equip your incoming college freshman to successfully navigate the social aspects of the collegiate life and all that it entails.

Gift Pack Includes: 

  • 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You: A Teen Girl's Guide on Love, Sex, and Relationships
  • Dreams, Decisions, Destinies: The Sex Talk Every Teen Girl Needs to Hear 

Why Teen Girls Need This Information BEFORE Going to College: 

"As I’m getting ready to go to college, I think this information is even more important. Reading tweets, articles, and hearing personal accounts of many college students makes it seem like you have to have sex in college if you want to be in a relationship. Thank you for reminding me that sex isn’t necessary." ~High School Senior 

What Young Women are Saying about the 7 Secrets Book:  

""Honest, direct, and compassionate all in one. I wish I had read this book before every relationship, even in college." ~Gretchen, 23-year-old graduate student

"I suppose being five months away from turning twenty-one doesn't quite qualify me as a ‘teen’ but I cannot deny that 7 Secrets Guy Will Never Tell You spoke to me in areas that I didn't even know I needed to address in my life. I highly suggest every teenage girl, or any female that feels young, grab a copy of this book." ~Chaya, College Student

What Young Women are Saying about the DVD:  

"I loved it! You have a lot of good pointers and moments where I laughed. Then I had those moments where I went 'Ouch.' It gave you a lot to think about. It was like a tease though. I was sad because it ended too soon. When young ladies or teenage girls see it, I think they will want more." ~Teen Girl