Boys to Men Masterclass

Life Skills Training on Sex, Manhood & Faith for Teen Guys

  • What: 5 one-hour sessions with Jackie Brewton and guest male speakers
  • Dates: Any day he desires.
  • Time: Any time he's available.
  • Place: On his phone, tablet or computer
  • Cost: $25/session
  • Value: PRICELESS

Give your son the confidence he needs to be comfortable in his manhood without sex, for less than the cost of a new pair of sneakers.

What's Covered In The Masterclass?

Discovering Purpose  ◊  Delaying Gratification  ◊  Defining Manhood

Dispel the myths of manhood promoted in today’s culture so you can rise to the greatness for which you were destined and pursue your life’s purpose. 
Pre-recorded interviews with guys.


Find out how to respond to the pressure to have sex coming from the media, adult men, teen girls, peers, and even yourself.

Pre-recorded interviews w/ guys.

Learn from the experiences of teen boys & men about the often over-looked emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual impact of making bad choices when it comes to sex, girls and relationships.
Pre-recorded interviews w/ guys.

Understand the legal ramifications of having sex, what constitutes statutory rape, what consent is and isn’t, why sexting isn’t “harmless,” and how pornography hurts you and your future wife.
Pre-recorded interviews w/ guys.

Discover from hearing the success stories of guys how knowing your value, practicing self-discipline, and delaying gratification can set you AND your future family up for success.
Pre-recorded interviews w/ guys.

Check out some clips from the Masterclass:

Finally, a healthy relationship course just for teen guys.

Session 1: Redefining Manhood

Session 2: Responding to Pressure

Session 3: Realizing Regrets

Session 4: Recognizing Ramifications

Session 5: Reaping
the Rewards

Session 1:Enroll NOW

When faced with temptation on his journey to adulthood,
which will your teen son follow…
Godly Character or Today’s Culture?

Let’s face it, in today’s culture…Sex is King.

And raising a teenage son in this environment is NOT easy.

Especially when you’ve brought him up to be a young man of faith.

But today’s sex-driven culture threatens to disrupt the plans God has for your son and the hopes and dreams you’ve envisioned for his life since before he was born.

Luring him to forget about doing what’s right and doing what “feels good” instead. 

That’s why the decisions he makes now are so important. Particularly when it comes to girls, sex, and relationships.

Your son’s choices in these critical areas will ultimately impact which path he takes on his journey to adulthood.

Which path will your son take?

Will he succumb to the pressure of today’s culture (and his peers), to prove his manhood? Or will he be a “Best Guy” who puts a young lady’s best interests above his own sex interests?

Will he reap the negative consequences that come with teen sex (i.e. emotional, physical, financial, legal, and spiritual)? Or will he be true to the character you’ve instilled in him to not only withstand the pressure to “be a man” but fulfill his purpose as well?

The truth? Only time will tell. 

But the good news is this:  Preparation CAN set him on the right path.

And the Boys to Men Masterclass is the preparation you’ve been looking for to help him discover his purpose, delay gratification, and define manhood so he can become the man he was always destined to be.

Why Jackie?

Unsure of how effective Jackie could possibly be at persuading teen guys like your son to not only delay gratification, but challenge their own misconceptions about manhood and pursue their divine purpose?

You wouldn’t be the first. But what other parents, pastors, principals, youth workers, and teen boys themselves soon discover about Jackie after hearing her message for guys is that she is—as one young man put it—"The truth!”

Jackie is a highly sought-after youth speaker, teen relationship expert and author on a mission to empower teens to dream bigger dreams, make better decisions and realize brighter destinies.

She has delivered keynotes before large assemblies of thousands and presentations in classrooms of thirty each year for the past 18 years and has received thousands of letters just from male students. Their transparency has given her a window inside the hearts and minds of teen guys few adults ever get to experience.

Simply put, Jackie is not only qualified but anointed to lead your son towards discovering his purpose, delaying gratification, and defining manhood through her Boys to Men Masterclass

If you still need more convincing, take it from the teen guys who’ve been blessed to attend her class:

What teen guys are saying...

"If there were more men in the world that taught the way that you have/do, then there wouldn't be so much pressure on the guys to feel like they're men just because they go out and put themselves at risk of hurting people that ultimately are the entire reason we are here. 
Sincerely, A self-confident reassured young MAN"

"I truly learned a lot, not only about sexual responsibility but also about what it means to be a real man and how to conduct myself as such…After hearing you speak, I now have stopped objectifying women and I’m currently focusing solely on my academics. I would like to say thanks for showing me that life can be so much more fulfilling by waiting to have sex."

"Listening to you made me look in the mirror and see what type of man I was becoming...So, from now on, I am going to do my best to respect women when they do not even respect themselves enough to say no to sex." 

“I want to say thank you, because you changed my perspective not only on sex but in my everyday life. I’m a Christian, but I felt like my only vice was sex. I used to tell [the girls] 'I’ll wait till you’re ready.' I was the good guy. But now I’m striving to be the best guy because I’ve seen what it's like breaking a girl’s heart from my day-to-day life,
inside and outside my house.”

"You have clearly opened my eyes and views on sex, relationships and what it means to 'be a man.' I vow to be honest with women and honestly and truly respect women. Also, I will keep mine and their best interest in mind. Thank you very much."

"I'm a 17-year-old dude at NCHS. First off, I'd like to say that you are mad cool and speak that real.  Because of the talk you gave, as well as my religious convictions, I have decided to abstain from sex. This decision will be the start of gaining real strength in my life.
Thank you."

“Thank you, Jackie, for speaking. You’ve helped me in more ways than I can say, more than in my 'sex life.' But also, you've helped me realize my own goals and how to reach them. 
[Waiting] will be worth it in the end."

 This is what’s in store for your son when you register him for the 
Boys to Men Masterclass.  So, sign him up TODAY! 

Enroll in Masterclass Sessions

Session 1:
Redefining Manhood


Session 2:
Responding to Pressure

Session 3:

Session 4:

Recognizing Ramifications

Session 5:
the Rewards

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