10 Ways to Raise a Daughter Who's F.A.B.

 A FREE checklist to empower your daughter to be Focused,  Authentic &  Brave

It's not easy raising a daughter in the Age of Social Media, Smart Phones & Selfies.

So many of the messages teen girls receive today focus on how they look and/or who they love.

Leaving many girls to fall into the comparison trap and value #relationshipgoals over #lifegoals. And that's a problem!

With all that “noise,” it’s a challenge to protect your daughter from unnecessary distractions and encourage her to concentrate on what’s truly important in life.


But here's the good news: As a mother, you are your daughter's secret weapon in countering the negative messages she's bombarded with!

"My mom is truly my inspiration to get through the society we are in today and she is the reason it isn’t hard for me to say ‘NO” and say it proudly."

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Is your daughter Focused, Authentic & Brave?

  • Does she compare herself to other girls on social media?
  • Does she struggle with insecurities about how she looks, her dating status, or what makes her unique?
  • Is she more likely to follow the status quo than stand out from the crowd?
  • Are you concerned about her decision-making when it comes to sex, love and relationships?
  • Could she use extra motivation to set goals for herself and chase after them?

If any of the above is true of your daughter, the answer is No. She’s not F.A.B…yet!
But with lots of love from you, daily guidance from this checklist and practice on her part, your daughter can become the Focused, Authentic & Brave girl you and I both know she can be.

                                         "You also made me realize my worth and how strong I can be."

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